Sunday, February 06, 2011


I think I may be the only person I know that is not interested in the Super Bowl...I never understood football and at this point in my life...I'm OK with that!!  LOL...So I am sitting here bored because everyone I know is either watching the game, went out for the game, or is throwing a party for the game. 
This week has been LONG.....The big news is we got the final paperwork for the house, so tomorrow I am off to have everything notorized and hopefully this time next week...Scott and Tina will be the official owners of the house in Fullerton.  I really feel OK with is after all the best case scenario, but I am sad too.  I have had dreams about my Daddy now 3 nights in a row.  I don't know if he is trying to tell me something, or if it is just because we are moving forward with the sale. 
I will be posting some pics tomorrow...I went to the antique mall we have here in Riverside and found some special things...a horse figure for Hubby, a porcelian birdie for me and an old children's art book that I think I'm gonna use for an art journal.  It has some wonderful pages of art I think I can incorporate into my style.  (If I have a style...I don't think I do actually...)
ANYWAY...I have a suitcase to pack...Hubby is going away for a least a week for work, maybe longer...(please, please. please...)  We need a vacation away from each other!!!!!!  I've always thought if he were a long distance trucker, we'd have the perfect relationship, LOLOLOLOL!!!

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  1. LOL, I too could use a truck driver relationship. That would be my answer to my 2nd to last post. : ) I too am not a football person. It was never something that was of interest to me. With your dreams it could me a message to say it is OK, let go I am happy. As people are really more attached to each other rather than material things. As I think if I were to pass. I would visit to see every one is ok. I would give them a hug and lots of love. But I would move on to my new adventure. What ever it may be. I kinda believe the end of live is not the end it is the next step in our evolution. I am still learning and no one really knows what is next. But I get feelings. I will explain in a post one day.
    You art journal may be the answer to your boredom. Create and explore. Find your feeling and joy in your creations.
    Big hug


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