Friday, January 28, 2011


So, it's the weekend...I have no plans...I have heard it might rain??  I'm gonna have to check out the Weather channel.
If it doesn't rain, I get to wash clothes...I know, exciting, right??
I'm also thinking of doing a thrift shop run...I would love to do an art journal out of an old book...
see what kind of treasures I can find...
I LOVE thrift shops!!
We used to have an awesome one here in Riverside, but they closed down...
there are others, buy they're not as good, lol...

Also wanted to post some photos. 
I finished a lot of the creative work of Soul Restoration and thought I would share some of the pages.
This is an awesome course...Melody is offering another session in April, I believe...
If you feel the need to find the REAL on the badge and check it out!!
You do not have to be crafty...all of these creative projects can be done very simply.

This is a Truth Card...when I am feeling down or discouraged, these are to remind us we are loved.
This is another Truth Card
This is my Truth Teller...that little voice that knows whats wrong and right
in our lives...we need to listen more.
These are the qualities of my Truth Teller...I have chosen my Mother to be my Truth Teller.
That is the person who knows you the most, loves you the most, and only wants
what is best for you.  I can hear my Mom telling these things to me...

So that's it for now...Today was my sister's 39th birthday...I know they are having a celebration in Heaven!!
I am working on a art journal page for her...hopefully I'll have it done by Monday!


  1. Hi Evelyn, I am so glad you are feeling better. I miss the thrift stores we had in St. Louis. You can not find much in this area. I sent you a friend request on face book. What helped me the most was reading a book preview on Google book. it is called the untethered soul. When he call the inner voice your room mate. That rang belles for me. It helped me to find my authentic self. To take control of my life with less drama. And release most of my baggage. My biggest problems are heath issues. With me and hubby. And my youngest daughter has life issues. So she is back home again. But I have learned so much to free my self over the years. To forgive every one including my self. Gave ultimate freedom.

    I send u a big hug.

  2. This is very nice. I am glad you are finding peace.

  3. These cards are lovely. I love how you have the music.

  4. Hello!
    Glad I stopped by for a visit... what a delight!
    Love your art journal pages from Soul Restoration. Thank you for sharing. :]


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