Wednesday, December 01, 2010

December 1st...

Today is December 1st.
For 40 years this was my favorite month of all.  Better than June when school let out...better than September when it was my birthday...better than April, when it was Easter.
December was Christmas month!!!

My Mother LOVED Christmas and that was passed down to us girls.  She would decorate the whole house, bake cookies and pies for days, and she always wanted a big, fresh tree...until it became too much for her.

She loved to buy presents.  She would always kinda go crazy in that dept.  She justified by saying that giving was much better than recieving...and she was soo right!

Things she didn't like?  Only two...
putting the lights on the tree...every years, at some point, she would be cussing that tree up a storm.  It got to be that the eventual meltdown was as much a tradition as anything else.
(I have never claimed my Mother was a saint...)
The other was wrapping.  She was so good at it, but hated doing it.  She liked the idea of a beautiful package being presented to a loved one...than to have the paper ripped off in 3 seconds flat...
I am trying to get my love for December back...the crispness of the air, the joy of giving, the smell of wonderful things baking, the excitement in kids eyes, the anticipation of good things to come, the general goodwill of people that I always desperately wish would last all year, but is usually gone by January 2nd.

I'm trying, I really am...but if I go off the radar, or stop talking, it just means that things have gotten to be too much.  I hope that won't happen, I feel the Christmas spirit trying to come out and I will do all I can to let it flow...


  1. Evelyn, I hope you will be able to enjoy the season and December, in your own way. Just take it for what it is, not as magic as it was before but still a beautiful time. :-)

  2. I so hope the holiday season brings you much joy and a special kind of magic - and just fills your life with peace.....I hope you do not go off the radar ---would love to know what kinds of things you are doing during the month--take it slow - one day at a time---take care of you!!!


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