Wednesday, November 24, 2010

AEDM pages 22-23~~The PICTURES!!!

Here are the pictures of my art journal that Blogger wouldn't let me upload last night...
First 2 pics are the pages after a watercolor wash...then I tried to add some sparkle with glitter paint and a stencil...then I just used the stencil brush to add some dots...
the second two pics are the finished pages.  Used Mod Podge to adhere the pics and emphemera to the 2 pages.  I used one of Denise's achievement awards from high school, a award of completion from Vacation Bible school, a flower she made in the 5th grade and a letter my Mom wrote her in a book she gave her for Christmas one year.
Then I added some blue watercolor dots and let them run a little bit. 

I think my next art journal will need to have bigger pages...the ones in this book are 5x7 and I find them a litttle restrictive.


  1. Evelyn, it's so refreshing to see someone else dealing with great amounts of grief in a beautiful and creative way. I love how you used sentimental bits and pieces for your journal spreads.

  2. Looks like you are having loads of fun with these.

  3. Great pages, Evelyn! What a lovely way to remember your loved ones.


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