Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Just wanted to tell all my new buddies Happy Thanksgiving.

I thought this year would be a little hard, having just lost my Daddy this past june, but I am doing surprisingly well.  I know they are having a great Thanksgiving in Heaven, and I also know that one day i will see them again.I wanted to take time to list what I am thankful for:
1) My Hubby, Son, DIL, Granddaughter, my Kiki and her family, My cousins Ron O., Donnie and Bobbi and their families.  You have kept me sane these last couple of years.
2) My online friends: Lori, Jilly, Bonnie Rose and the other wonderful people I've met on FB, AEDM, and the Grattitude've helped me in a very hard time...I hope we can meet one day in person...
3) all of my friends, past co-workers, and distant family I have been able to reconnect with...I love you all.
Finally, my renewed faith in God and his divine guidance...I'm not going to get all preachy, but let's just say that my faith was lost after Denise passed, but, while I still don't understand, I have come to accept that I'm not supposed too.  He won't lead you to it if He can't get you through it...
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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