Wednesday, November 17, 2010

AEDM--Days 16 and 17

I've found that a lot of times when inspiration hits me, I will put off creating in my art journal because I haven't got a background, and I am too lazy to get out all my supplies to do one.  So last night/early this morning, while hubby was asleep, I decided to do a couple of background pages and plan ahead.
This first one i just painted color where ever.
This one is in yellow and blue, it's a bit more organized for something specific.
This is my version of a rainbow.  I like to use the watercolors because of the way they run together and mix.
I really enjoyed doing this so I'm sure I will do some more today.
It will make journaling a lot easier when it is spur of the moment!!


  1. wonderful colours! Looks like fun....I should really give watercolours a go...they tend to scare me! :)

  2. That's a brilliant idea! I find that I will often have an idea for a journal page or mixed media piece, but like you said need a background first. By the time I paint the background and let it dry I often lose my inspiration!

  3. Beautiful washes.


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