Tuesday, November 30, 2010

AEDM-Day 30

This is the last day of Art Every Day month.  I just want to say that I have had a wonderful time making art every day, and meeting such new and varied artists.
I am sad to see the month end...
But, on the bright side, I have made some new friends, I have learned new tecniques, and mostly, I have learned that it is OK to put myself out there and try new things...even if they don't turn out so well...
Today i did two drawing with colored pencils...(just couldn't sleep...)
This one is a different version of what I did last week...I am MUCH happier with this one.
Again, the theme is "not yet..." and the balloons represent my family who have passed away.
This one is "fish out of water" because when I started this challenge, that is how I felt.
Everyone here is soo talented, and I felt totally out of my element.
Now, while I know I'm not the next Georgia O'Keefe, I do know that my art is important, that my art matters, and that know one will judge me harshly for putting out there what is in my heart.
Thank you Leah for the wonderful learning experience...if you do creative every day in 2011, I might have to join up...


  1. I love your sketches, art is all about having fun even the best artists have rubbish days. Thank you for stopping by my blog... I've learnt loads from AEDM... until the next one... be kind to yourself..

  2. Yes your art is important, these are great.

  3. You are very right, Evelyn, your art is important and we all have our own way of expressing it and different skill levels, but that should never stop us from creating and expressing what is in our hearts!

  4. Your drawings are so sweet!! I'm so glad you joined in this month, despite any trepidations you may have felt.

  5. Evelyn,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following... I am glad you did AEDM, this is my 3rd year doing it and I have come a long ways from when I started. It is hard to show your work, I had a hard time at first. What is important is how much you love it and how it makes you feel! Your work is beautiful and you are not out of your element. Thanks for sharing!


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