Sunday, November 07, 2010

30 days of 7

No pictures is hard to put into words what I am grateful for today...much less find a picture to capture it.  Today I am grateful just to be.  I am grateful for my life, for the advantages I've had along the way, a set of wonderful parents, a beautiful sister, the great extended family I had growing up, all the stories of things past, the long talks I used to have with my Grandmother when i would visit her after visiting the library, the childhood I was allowed to experience, just all of it. 

My childhood and my parents helped to shape me into the kind of person I am now, for good or for bad.  I like to think I turned out OK, lol...Don't get me wrong...there were bad times...but my parents did their best to shield my sister and me from the worry and fear I am sure they felt at times.  When I was in high school, my Dad was laid off from his machinist job and was unemployed for a good 2 years.  They did their very best to make sure we still had the basics and that life was not disrupted for us.  My Mom clipped coupons, shopped at sales, sewed our clothes, and many other things so we did not feel the pressure.  My Dad did odd jobs, painted houses, delivered newspapers to help make ends meet.  From them I learned determination, pride, honesty and teamwork will almost always get you through anything.

I know that even though they have moved on to a better place...I will be OK.  That's what they taught me...and for that I am grateful...

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  1. You will be okay and you are okay.. in fact, you are AMAZING! HUGS XO


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