Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Isn't it funny...

Isn't it funny how some things happen??  When I originally started this blog, I wrote poetry.  Not great poetry, but good enough from an amatuer like me.  I have always liked poems.  I remember in 4th grade having my little poems in the school newspaper.  I carried around  a little leather bound book and just wrote stuff down whenever the mood struck.  When Denise (my sister) died in 2006, my poetry died with her.  I tried for months to write down something, ANYTHING, and time and time again got nothing.  After a year or so, I gave up...took the book out of my purse and forgot about my poems.  I felt like that part of my creativity was over.  I moved on to other things, scrapbooking, photography, and things of that nature.  When my Mom and Kathy died in 2008, I tried again, for a minute, and gave up...convinced that what ever "muse" I had was gone.

Fast forward to this morning...I am cleaning the kitchen.  When I say cleaning, I mean deep cleaning.  Pulled out the dishes from the china cabinet and dusted them, moved the kitchen table to clean the window and the blinds,cleaned off my tiny counter space, and started cleaning my stove.  I sprayed oven cleaner, took off the knobs, took off the burners and started scrubbing away with my brillo pad.  The next thing I know, words start forming.  Before i know it, I've got the first 3 lones to a poem formed.  Not wanting to lose the lines, I stopped cleaning the stove and went to write them down.  Next thing I know, I have written 4 stanzas of a poem.  Tears are pouring down my face and I felt so free.  There is nothing like that feeling of writing down what is in your heart.  I will go back tonight and re-read it and edit it and make sure I didn't write down a bunch of jibbirish,but even if I did, that's OK.  At least I wrote something down. 

Maybe the muse is back...

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