Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nursing home/hospice care

The dr.s say that there is nothing else they can do for Daddy.  His kidney's are doing OK, he had a couple of bowel movements, (after they told me his bowel was dead...) and he has been off of the respirator for 36 hrs.  So that's the good (sort of) news.  The bad news is his lungs are VERY congested.  His breathing is very labored, but I've been assured that he is not suffering.  He does not respond to us.  He moves his head toward us when we talk to him, or one of the monitors goes off, but he can not respond to commands.  I asked him to blink his eyes if he knew who I was and he didn't.  I asked him to squeeze my hand, and he didn't.  The Dr. asked him to cough, and he didn't.  He also seems afraid and that breaks my heart. 

The Dr.'s said I should consider a nursing home.  The insurance coordinator came and basically no insurance covers nursing home care.  She said we were looking at $5000.00 to get him in and at least that much a WEEK to keep him in.  I do not have that kind of money.  He does, but I don't have access to it.  She told me my only option was in-home hospice.  That scared me to death!!  I don't mind caring for him, but I don't know if I can physically do it.  At this point he can't move at all, so I would have to do everything.  So I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for this when the coordinator called and said that after evaluting him, they will send him to a special nursing home for a couple of days because while the hospital can't help him, he is too medically ill to be at home.  I am sooooooo relieved!!!!  This will give me a couple of days to wrap my mind around this and to line up some help. 

I have got such a headache right now...everybody needs to take 5 minutes and figure out what you want done in the case of someting like this...leaving it to the last minute sucks for the person left in charge!!!

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  1. Evelyn.. I will be praying for you u make the right decisions.. and that your dad enjoys his days.. hugs xo


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