Tuesday, June 29, 2010

it's all in the details...

Most of the arrangements are made, I have little odds and ends to do for the memorial service, but other than that it is done.  Tonight I picked the music for the service.  I think he'd be happy with the choices.  I decide on:
when people are arriving-
You're my Best Friend by Don Williams (A nod to my Mom)
Hurt by Johnny Cash
I'll Fly away by Johnny Cash
America the Beautiful by Lee Greenwood (The service will be military themed...he was a vetran so there will be Milirary Honors)

In the middle-
Farther On by Russ Taff

as we are leaving-
Go Rest High Upon that Mountain by Vince Gill
The flowers are military themed, I have the pictures chosen, just had to get copies made, I pick those up on Wed. and the obit comes out Wed.
So far I have been OK.  Because I have had all these details to take care of.  Once Thursday is done...I will be a mess.  I expect it.  Then comes the fun part of going thru his stuff...

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  1. That's beautiful, Evelyn.

    You have some beautiful music planned for your dad. I'll be thinking of you!


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