Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So yesterday's post was the preview for todays.  I have decided to undergo writing therapy.  Basically it is putting a set amount of time aside everyday, preferably in the morning, and just writing freestyle.  No expectations, no demamnds, just whatever comes to you.  At the end of the week, you go back over your pages and see what little gems stand out to you.  Anger?  Ambitions?  Fear?  Dreams?  Then you can start to get a handle on what is REALLY going on in your subconcious.  It also involves keeping a food journal and writing down the why's of why you are eating at that time or why you are eating that item.

I have mixed eotions on this.  I am fearful of what is going to come out, I don't want to hold grudges or blame other people, but i am also curious.  What REALLY is going on inside this brain of mine?  You'd think that since it's my brain, I'd be the first one to know, but I don't have a clue most days.  I've lived 44 years like that and I'm thinking it's time to get to know me.

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