Friday, March 19, 2010


These are the feelings I need to remember: 
1) The feel of my hands, fingers and face after eating potatoe chips.  GREASY!!!  I often am reading when I am eating and I can't tell you how many pages have grease marks on them from potaoe chips.
2) The feeling of crapping my pants (sorry if theat's TMI) at three o'clock in the morning cause I have diarehea after eating the most fat-ladden mess of food at a local restaraunt and can't get out of bed in time.
3) The pounding headache, watery eyes and sore throat because I'm puking my guts out after eating an insanely high calorie dessert.
1) The feeling of accomplishment when I stick to my eating plan, even if it is only for one day.
2) The energy I start to feel after a couple days without sugar and high proccessed foods.
3) The high of going to Wooten's and buying the latest scrapbook sensation cause I saved all that money not eating out.

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