Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Thirteen...

This is something new I'm gonna try. It's called Thursday Thirteen and you basically make up a list of anything you want, up to thirteen. I've read quite a few over the last couple of weeks and it looks like fun, so I'm gonna give it a whi
Things I love...
1. Kisses from my grandbaby Rosie.
2. A good cup of hot tea in the morning, preferably orange.
3. My sister Denise...Happy Birthday Sweetie...
4. A good book and a rainy day...
5. My i-pod...LOVE my music!! I have a little bit of everything in there!!
6. A good comedy...I love to laugh!!
7. Trivia games...I always win...
8. My cat, Daisy...she knows when I need cuddle time...
9. easy way for me to be "artistic"!
10.Stuffed Cabbage...YUMMY!!
11.Blog surfing...I have met some wonderful people this way...
12.My family...they accept me for who I am...and love me anyway, lol!
13.To learn new should learn something new every day.


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  1. i love hot tea in the mornings too. have you tried the blooming teas?

  2. Welcome to T13! Im a scrapbooker too :)

  3. Great list, welcome to T-13!

    Kisses from those little people you love are amazing


  4. we all learn new things everyday...

    Here's my T13. Enjoy your weekend.


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