Sunday, December 06, 2009


So I've realized I'm kinda a hypocrite. Other people whose blogs I read sometimes say they will stop writing cause things are boring in their lives or they just don't have anything to say, and I will always write back that they have to keep at it, things are ok, it's theraputic, etc. I am looking at my blog, realizing that I have done the same thing. I don't write everyday cause my live REALLY is boring, I REALLY don't have anything to say, etc. LOL... I am going to make a commitment to write something everyday from now till Dec. 31. (I know...but I have to take things small...) There really is no excuse. I get on the puter everyday anyway to check my FB and myspace...

It is the 6th of Dec. and I am almost done xmas shopping. I have about 5-6 more presents to buy and I am DONE!!! I am so excited. I have never been done this early, of course I've always had to juggle work and xmas prep every year, too. This is only the 2nd xmas since I've worked (20 yrs...) that I have had off. Well, I think I'll have it off, I go back to the DR. the 15th, but I don't think he'll send me back till after the new year. That is the other motivation...if he does send me back, the biggest portion of prep will be done. It is supposed to rain most of all this week, so I figure I can finish my cards, wrap some, if not most, of the presents I have, I start cleaning the house for xmas eve.

It feels a little funny, almost child-like, to feel the Christmas spirit again. It has been 3 years since I was kind of excited for Christmas. I know 99% of that is because of Rosie. I am so thankful that she has come into my life. to start my day...hope you all have a beautiful Sunday...

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