Monday, December 21, 2009


This is the Grandprincess's official Christmas picture. I love it. Love the dress, her smile, everything. My son's first picture you can totally tell he was screaming his head off 10 seconds before they took the picture. I have taken so many pictures of her, I think she almost knows to pose now, LOL...

So, I guess I wasn't very good about blogging every day. I suck...but there are days where there is really nothing new to report, lol. I was able to scratch somethings off my to do list. I made my scrapbook that will be a present. I am officially done shopping. Hubby dragged me to Walmart on Saturday, but now I am REALLY done!! I was so proud of the fact that I hadn't gone to walmart for any of my shopping, and that's where he wants to go...everytime I drag myself there, I hate it more and more. Rude people, rude staff, things just thrown where ever, and I swear they truck in random children just to have them clog up every isle by just standing there. (Bah humbug~!!~)

Now comes the job of wrapping. I swear we said we were gonna cut back this year, but I have presents in every room of the house. And of course, I didn't go overboard with Rosie!!! Oh well. Once I start, I'll get in the spirit of it. I'm hoping that I can do the wrapping today and tomorrow, Clean on Wed., and make the tamales and bake Thursday. So, if I don't blog again till after Christmas, I am really busy...

Hope everyone has a very special Holiday!!!

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  1. I'm sorry that I haven't posted anything recently. I have no good excuse. But I adore this photo and I'm so glad she's in your life.


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