Tuesday, September 22, 2009


**This is a whiney blog...you are forewarned...**

Why are men so stupid? Why is being married so hard? Why do I have to sacrifice everything I like for the sake of the "marriage" but he doesn't have to give up anything? Why when I am sick, it's my fault, but when he's sick, I'm supposed to be nursemaid? Why am I such a doormat and why don't I stick up for myself more? Why do I let myself get to this point of frustration and not say anything? Why do I stay married if I am so miserable? Why did I think being married was so great in the first place? Why didn't I go to college and do something with my life? Why do I think it's too late?

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  1. I'm off to bed but I couldn't go without saying something. You can go to college. You don't have to start with a four year program; just take one or two classes of something that would be fun -- something that touches your creative side. I'll email you tomorrow and tell you about my cousin, but she went back to school at the age of 36 for her teaching degree. She barely graduated from high school b/c she was in love with a doofus and had four kids with him.

    I'm struggling with the "is it too late" syndrome myself and I think probably everyone does to some degree. I don't have an answer for you -- I wish I did.

    You're tired, stressed out by hubby and his attitude, etc. You're very smart, sassy and funny and very creative. Don't forget that! Be good to yourself, okay?


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