Thursday, September 24, 2009


Last night I could not sleep. My leg was killing me. Not pain this time, but itching. Because it is wet, and it seems like no amount of bandages can keep it dry, it itches all the time and I am slowly going insane. So seriously...not one little bit of shut eye. I would lay there for 10-15 minutes, one time made it to a whole hour, and finally the itching would do me in, and I would have to get up. Tonight I am not even really tired. I think at 10 I'm taking some tylenol pm and hopefully I make it through project runway. If not, oh well. I'll catch it in a re-run.

So I called the insurance co. about switching Drs. They have a company policy that they do not change drs in the middle of a treatment. Even if that treatment isn't working. Even if the insured threatens malpractice. I've already been denied a new dr. I applied Tuesday. I wish all my insurance transactions were that quick. How come I have to wait 6 weeks for the well-woman refferal, but they can deny me a new dr in 1 day???? So I have decided to play thier game. My next appointment is Monday. When I go to the dr, I am going to demand he send me to the hospital for iv antibiotics. When he refuses, I'm going to go home, and then at 5 pm when urgent care opens, I'm going in. I am 99% sure THEY will send me to the emergency room. Then, all secondary care is handed out by the hospital instead of the dr. I have to wait till Monday, if i can, because the insurance co. wants to give the dr every opportunity to do the right thing. HE'S HAD SIX MONTHS!!!!! How long does he need??? To appeal the denial, it could take 60-90 days. Are you freakin serious??? And I can't figure out why I've been so depressed lately???

On a good note, I finally saw my Rosie today. I haven't seen her since Saturday. That was hard...she is sooo adorable. I know I'm biased, but she is. And now she is 6 months. I can't believe how time is flying by. I also saw my Dad. We went out to lunch. it was fun...

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