Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Is it just me...

Or is it weird that I find the story of the girl who fell into the open mahnole while texting absolutely HILARIOUS???? I mean, I'm glad she isn't seriously injured, but the picture of her just dissapearing into the ground makes me crack up.

Unfortunately, what is not so funny is the fact that her parents want to sue the city. I know that the workers should have put up the orange cones BEFORE taking the manhole cover off, but I'm thinking that due to the fact that she was immersed in her texting, and not like, PAYING ATTENTION to what she was doing, whether or not the cones were up is kinda a mute point.

I'm all for technology, I text, tweet, facebook, myspace, blog and spark almost everyday. The difference is there is a place and a time. If I am going to text, I stop, move out of the way of anybody around me, and text. Or, I wait till I'm in a safe place to text, waiting for the car to warm up, when I get home, sitting at the computer. I am wise enough to know that I can't do 2 things at once when both things need my concentration. Maybe that is the adult in me...Anyway, I AM glad that the girl wasn't hurt, and I DO think her parents are morons for sueing the city instead of having a chat with their daughter about priorities. Just my Humble Opinion...

I added the pic of the manhole cover cause I LOVE it...who would have thought that this thing would move me in such a way??

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