Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Weightloss journal

I have been on for a couple of months now. I obviously need to lose weight and they have very good tools there. A food tracker, a fitness tracker, good recipes and support groups. I really had not taken advantage of this until about a week ago. It really opens up your eyes when you start taking responsibility for your actions. Anyway, they also have a blog there, so most of my weightloss thoughts will be there if anyone is interested. Also, one of my support groups in a scrapper's group and we a re doing a weight loss journal. This is the second page of mine. The journaling is about how I feel and look awful in this picture with my grandaughter. And how I am gonna fight my way back...(If I did this right, when you click on the title,weightloss journal, it will take you to my sparkpage...)

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