Wednesday, January 07, 2009

way of life, not DIET!!!

Today is my 3rd day of the SBD. (south beach diet) I have done this before and had very good results. The hardest thing is getting past the 2 week phase one. But it is worth it cause in the end you lose all your cravings for sweets and the bad stuff!! I fell off a little today by eating cheese enchiladas for lunch, but dinner will be very light. Tomorrow will be hard too, I am going out to dinner with my friend to exchange Christmas gifts, but I will look at the menu online and pick something ahead of time. I feel really good about this and just need to get some exercise in. Next week I will puit together a schedule and plan it in.

I am very glad the holidays are over. Christmas was good. We went to my Dad's first. He didn't want all the family there, so it was just us. We opened a few presents and had dinner. It was nice and quiet. I missed My Mom, and Denise and Kathy a lot, but didn't get upset. My Mom especially, wouldn't have wanted me crying on Christmas!! After that we went to my cousin, Ricki's house. That was good too. Her 2 brothers were there and with the 2 new babies, it was loud and full of laughter like Christmas was at my Mom's house before. I was really glad I went. There was definete healing there.

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