Thursday, August 21, 2008

Project Runway

Let me say first of all...THANK JESUS that Daniel is GONE!!!!!! That boy was getting on my LAST nerve. With his confused looks, helpless attitude and the thought that he had so much style and class compared to the others. PLEEEZZEEEE! This one, in my opinion, the judges were dead on right. He should have been gone after the olympic fiasco, but better late than never.
Now for the complaints. 1)-Does anyone think that Teri got robbed??? Joe's outfit was cute, but for over-the-top theatrics, Teri was #1. 2)-Where was Chris during the judging? Since he did all the rest, telling them the challenge, and coming in with Tim, wouldn't you have thought he was going to be the guest judge? No offense to Rupaul (Who, BTW, I thought looked sick or really tired) but I would have LOVED for Chris to put in his 2 cents. 3)-The editors have got to start cutting out Blaine's *Licious*ness. If I hear *girlicious* one more time I'm gonna throw something at the TV.
That's all. Just my little opinions to be put out there.

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