Thursday, August 21, 2008

Project Runway

Let me say first of all...THANK JESUS that Daniel is GONE!!!!!! That boy was getting on my LAST nerve. With his confused looks, helpless attitude and the thought that he had so much style and class compared to the others. PLEEEZZEEEE! This one, in my opinion, the judges were dead on right. He should have been gone after the olympic fiasco, but better late than never.
Now for the complaints. 1)-Does anyone think that Teri got robbed??? Joe's outfit was cute, but for over-the-top theatrics, Teri was #1. 2)-Where was Chris during the judging? Since he did all the rest, telling them the challenge, and coming in with Tim, wouldn't you have thought he was going to be the guest judge? No offense to Rupaul (Who, BTW, I thought looked sick or really tired) but I would have LOVED for Chris to put in his 2 cents. 3)-The editors have got to start cutting out Blaine's *Licious*ness. If I hear *girlicious* one more time I'm gonna throw something at the TV.
That's all. Just my little opinions to be put out there.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rose Croucher. 6/41-8/08

My beautiful mother went to be with Denise Tuesday night. It was time for her to find some rest. I am at peace with it. I will miss her desperately, I have already caught myself thinking" I have to tell my Mom...". I know she missed Denise terriblely, so I know they are having a good time catching up.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

My Mother

My Mother was a stay at home mom. My Dad worked 2 jobs so she could take care of me and Denise. He said that his job was to make the money and her job was to raise the kids. She was OK with that. I know that if it had been neccesary, she would have worked outside the home. We were lucky that it never was.

I remember coming home from school and knowing what we were going to have for dinner cause it was already cooking. I remember her breaking popcicles in half, one for me, one for Denise. I remember her sitting at the sewing machine, hours at a time, making me and Denise all new clothes for school. I remember Christmas, her favorite holiday, baking and baking for days to be able to make cookie trays for all the neighbors and family. I remember her letting me brush her hair while we watched tv. I remember her going to my Grandmother's twice a week, every week, walking, to clean her house and make sure she was OK. I remember her letting me take over the patio for Barbie world in the summer. I remember the *this hurts me more than it hurts you* speech before getting a spanking. I remember her telling me to look after my little sister cause in the end we would only have each other.

My Mother is dying. She has worked hard and deserves a rest. The adult in me knows it is time. The litle girl in me is screaming don't leave me alone!!!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Dear Denise

Dear Denise,
I hope you have gotten thngs ready. She is on her way. Could be days, could be weeks, could be months. I don't know. The doctors don't know. What I do know is that my heart is breaking and the only good thing about this is she'll get to see you again. She has missed you so much. Take care of her and tell her not to worry. I'll be OK.