Friday, July 25, 2008

Thank God it's Friday...

This has been a horrible week. So many things have gone wrong and I am glad it is over with.

Monday: 19 cent tacos where I work. The owner died in May and they decided to do a promotion in his honor. I had to work from 6am to 8pm. Why??? Because they decided to do the promotion on a Monday, which is inventory day. They also picked end-of-the month Monday, which means we also have to do paper inventory, so we have to be there at 6 am. They ran the promotion from 11 am to 8 pm. So we all got to stay till 8 pm. I was so exhuasted when I got home. I also messed up my knee, so now it hurts again.

Tuesday: I get told that the diferential on my car is broken. Of course it's the diferential. There is no way it could be the transmission that I had replaced 4 months ago and is still under WARRANTY!!!! So, I have been car-less since Tuesday and have no idea how much this is gonna cost me.

Thursday: My Mom gets out of the hospital to have hospice care at the house. I can't get the day off, so I have no idea how things are going. I don't know how much work falls to my Dad. I don't even know if the carpet got put in like it was supposed too. I am a horribe failure as a daughter right now. My husband and I also get into another I-hate-you-why-don't-you-sell-the-house-already fights. The man HAS to be going through some kind of male menopause and I don't think I'm gonna survive. He is INSANE!!!!!

Today: My knee hurts like a bitch so walking around at work has not been fun. I keep telling myself just one more day. I feel bad because I have neglected friends and family alike. I need 2 more hours a day.

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