Friday, June 27, 2008

Gutter Girlz

This is my layout for the challenge on Gutter Girlz. This is a new challenge blog that seems very interesting. Maybe every layout doesn't have to be *cute*. Maybe some layouts can be *real*. *Real* isn't always pretty. Anyway, hope you all like it. (Thanks Staci for the encouragement)

So from the picture you can see my Cellulitis has returned with a vengence. It hurts like a b#@*#h. I really hate this infection. It lays dormant for a while and the POW it's back. It pretty much sucks.


  1. OH My OUCH!!! That hurts just looking!!! Damned RIGHT it doesn't all have to be pretty and nice!! Love the direction you took your art!! Thanks so much for playing in our gutter!

  2. love your take on the challenge....!!! you rocked it!!! so glad you did it....but ouch that looks painful!!!!

  3. WOW! Great layout! Good for you scrapping something about you even if it is painful! Dresses and hose definitely don't make us women!

    Thanks for playing along!



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