Sunday, March 30, 2008

MIA no more...

I know it's been over a month since I last posted. I'm sorry. I feel into a DEEP funk and just couldn't bring myself to share it and bring everyine else down. I'm not completely better yet, but I'm getting there.
Everything just hit me at once. Dissatisfaction with work, being unhappy with my weight, my lack of exercise, and horror of all horrors, losing my scrap mojo. I know that this is all a temporary situation, but when it hits all at once, it feels insurmountable.
I have been keeping up a little with the blogs I read, and I am so proud of everyone. It is not easy putting yourself out there for people to see your mistakes or flaws.
I will post some of the things going on tomorrow, just wanted to get the juices flowing again.

Please do not leave me a comment to tell me a) that Jesus loves me. I already know this. b)that I need the latest medical enhancement. I AM A WOMAN. Or c) I need to check out you blog about _______. I read the blogs that interest me.
I welcome commnts from sincere, honest people who share the same interestes or struggles that I do. Do not try to sell me something. Thanks.

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  1. I wouldn't tell you any of these things as I find them obnoxious. I understand how you feel; I feel like it myself only I'm not keeping up with everyone's blogs.

    At least it is spring and maybe that will make you feel better or at least glad you're not scraping off ice on your windshield. :-)

    Take care, Evelyn!


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