Wednesday, January 16, 2008



Why do I hate to exercise? I don't like sweat. I hate sweat. I hate feeling hot and sticky and gross. I am afraid that I will not be able to finish what I start. Let's face it, I am in TERRIBLE shape. Walking to the corner puts me completely out of breath. I am lazy. Setting up the treadmill for a 10-15 min. walk seems like a complete waste to me. I am uncoordinated. I so totally have 2 left feet. I get so disgusted trying to do videos that I give up.

Why do I like exercise. I LOVE the feeling when your endorphins kick in and you feel invincible, like you could run a marathon. I have never felt a rush like that before. I need to remember that feeling.


  1. When I first started walking on my treadmill, I could only go 14 minutes, but eventually you work up the endurance.

    Good luck with your exercising.

  2. I agree with Grumpy -- you start out with what you can do and build up on it. Good luck!!!


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