Monday, January 14, 2008


My cousin and I went to Disneyland December 13, 2007. WE went for a couple of reasons. One, I have always wanted to go at Christmas time to see all the decorations. They do not dissapoint.

This is Ricki under the tree on Main St. It is HUGE!! They had the Haunted mansion all gussied up and all the outside decorations were wonderful.

The other reason was to feel a little closer to Denise. She loved Disneyland and Snow White. I tried to get a picture with Snow White, but time wasn't on our side.

This was the best I could do. I am very glad we went, I did have a sense of Denise there. Not too long ago, there was an internet story of people spreading the ashes of loved ones secretly at Disneyland. I think they should offer this is specific settings. We would have done it for her.

Then there is the "ears" pic. I told Ricki we had to get ears!! Everytime we went to Disneyland as a kid, my Mom would not let us get ears, said it was too expensive and they didn't last anyway. Well, I had to get ears. I think they are adorable, although I have been told several times that I need to smile more.
Maybe that will be my mini goal next week.

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