Monday, November 12, 2007

Random Monday...

Just some random thoughts today...

  1. Today was a lazy day at work. No school cause of the holiday. We got a lot of cleaning done, goofed around a little, and caught up on some paperwork. Tomorrow the craziness will ensue.
  2. My cellulitis is back in full force. My leg is swollen, has blisters, and is weepy. I have some ointment left from last time and I am going to wrap it in the morning, but I need to call the Dr. and get some antibiotics. It's hard to be on your feet 10 hours when your leg feels like it's on fire!!
  3. We did some shopping yesterday. It's been a long time since I've spent all day just shopping and looking at stuff. My cousin, her daughter and I were out for 5 hours. We hit Target, Walmart, Joanne's and Michaels. Walmart for the neccessities. ( T.P.,shampoo, razors, etc..) Target for fun stuff. ( Christmas wrapping paper, cd's, movies, socks...) Michaels and Joanns for scrapbooking things that I totally don't need!! I also got the cutest penguin at Joann's for 40% off. I am really getting into penguins for Christmas. I'll post a picture later. All in all, we had a good day.
  4. I will be getting a *scrapbook* room. My son's old room has ahuge desk in it and we decided that I should put my scrapbbok stuff in there. (DH is just tired of the kitchen table being covered in papers!!) I am very excited to get started.

Well, I think that is all for tonight. I need to get my leg up. Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow...

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