Tuesday, September 11, 2007

a scare

Today I had a pretty good scare. It actually starts Friday. I went into town to have dinner with my Mom and her friend. I get there, it was a surprise, and no one answers the door. I call my Dad on his cell and he says that Mom is feeling ill and canceled dinner. I went to meet him at costco and we eat pizza.
OK, my Mom has a lot of illnesses, of which I won't get into now. Let's just say that if she is not feeling well, we are concerned cause that usually means a trip to the emergency room. So, I call her Saturday night, no answer. Thats OK, she's probably resting. I call her Sunday night, no answer. That's OK, they probably went out to dinner. I call her Monday night, no answer. Now I'm thinking, something is weird. Even if she was not home when I called, she would have called me back. I called the house 10 times today from work. No answer. I start calling my Dad's cell. The subscriber you are trying to reach is not in service at this time. I heard this message 15 times today. I am now seriously worried. My Dad is 77 years old. My Mom is 68 and in bad health. ANYthing could have happened. They could be sick and can't get to the phone. Maybe one of them fell, and the other is sick. Maybe the unthinkable has happened and the other one is in shock. You can not imagine the horrible things I was thinking. I call my supervisor and left work 2 hours early to make the hour drive down to the house to make sure they are OK.

Of course, they are all right. The gardener cut the phoneline accidently Saturday when he was pruning the bushes at the side of the house. My parents did not know how to call out on the cell phone to let me know everything was OK. (They now know how to do this!!) We called the phone company to come out and fix the line. They gave me a key to the front door in case I have to get in.

So here is my dilema. I am really angry. I mean REALLY REALLY angry. I am mad at my sister. How could she leave me to go through this by myself. If she were still here, I could call her and hear that everything is fine, laugh about the phone line, and be done with it. How selfish is that?? I don't know what to do. What is there to do? She is gone and I am here. Struggling.

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  1. It's so not selfish to want your sister there to talk to, be with and help you with your parents. It's perfectly natural to be angry at someone who has passed away -- you're not mad at her but mad at how life is and that's normal. Your life has been uprooted and all the things you used to do because your sister was alive is gone. It would make anyone angry, sad, upset, depressed, etc. But you're not selfish.

    I'm an only child and I often wish I had a sibling to help me with my parents (who are 81 and 74). If I had a sibling who passed away, I'd be angry, lonely, etc. and I'd be worrying if I could handle my parents' getting old by myself. And, like with my cousin who was killed in a car accident, you and I probably do get angry thinking about what lead up to their death and wishing that they had done something differently to prevent this.

    Do you have any other relatives? I live about an hour and a half from my parents but my aunt and cousin live close by and they have some neighbors they can call upon. You were smart to check on them; I'm sure they appreciated you caring enough to drive out to see them. And you taught them how to dial out on a cell (at least THEY have a cell!).

    Your parents sound a bit like mine. Mine ALWAYS answer the phone and when they don't, I get all worried but I also know their phone goes out on occasion.

    Just remember, you're not selfish. Far, far, from it.


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