Monday, August 27, 2007

new layouts

These are my newest layouts. My friend went to Disney World in Orlando and brought me back these pics. Aren't they cute? The Princesses cause I like Cinderella and Denise loved Snow White, and Pooh and Tigger cause I like them. I'm actually happy with how these turned out. (Usually I'm not.)

I was thinking today I would love to have a job doing something I like to do. I spent all day looking forward till I could come home and finish this layout. I couldn't finish it last night cause I could not (can not) for the life of me, figure out how to use the Disney font I downloaded. It has dissapeared into the inner workings of my computer, never to be seen again. I downloaded it, I looked at it in it's file, then I lost it. No idea where it got cubbied into. So finally I just printed out my title in this wonderful font. It was either that, or buy a new computer as this one was going out the window.

Eating today was Ok in the sense that I did not eat. A bran muffin for Breakfast, nothing for lunch, it got left behind this morning as I ran out the door, and 2 ww tortilla wraps made with...turkey bologna. I know, I know, too exciting. I was dead tired and did not want to cook cause then I'd have to clean.

Now I'm off to do another layout. I am inspired...

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