Thursday, August 30, 2007

how much?!?!?!

OK. I will start this off by saying that this blog is not for them faint of heart. I am going to be mean and nasty and whiney, so you are forwarned................................................

First off, I AM FREAKIN HOT!!!!!! Our air conditioner has broken down, I am off work, and it is going to be 106 today. The house feels like it is 206. I know that is impossible, but that is how it feels. I am sweating just sitting here typing. I have every fan in the house going, just to circulate the hot air. Now on the news they are saying that we may have a stage 2 energy event which means they start shutting off power. I love California.

I go to the DR. this morning. It was not good news. I knew this before I went, but had talked myself into thinking he would ignore my weight and focus on other things. Silly, silly me. Why do I forget that EVERYTHING else that is wrong with me goes back to my weight??? Lose some weight and I could help fix: my high blood pressure, my borderline diabetes, the cellulitis in my leg that is flaring up, the fact that my periods are becoming increasingly irregular, the heat rash I have on one side of my neck, and the fact that I feel like shooting someone in a white labcoat. I have gained 15 lb. 15. I now weigh as much as a baby hippo. I have noone to blame but myself. For whatever reason I can not find the strenghth it takes to get serious about my eating plan. I am a failure.

Then I come home to discover I have a serious case of the runs and I started my period, 2 weeks early. I kinda wish this had happened this morning, might have made a difference on the scale, LOL. So all the errands I was going to run, in my air conditioned car, have been put off. I can only go 30 minutes or so without a bathroom run. I am drinking lots of water, but am really wanting coke.

So, I am fat, hot, tired and sick. Won't hubby be in for a surprise tonight.
(The pic is from I can has a cheeseburger?)

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  1. hang in there...i've been through alot and my blog is filled with ups downs all arounds == nice bitchy mean nasty - pleasant charming and whimsy...

    stay cool...i'm in cali too and its miserable...i don't have an a/c. ugh.



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