Friday, June 15, 2007

Do I still have a sister?

A co-worker today asked to see a picture of my son cause I had been bragging about him. In the same holder are a lot of pictures of my sister. THe first picture, in fact, is the last picture taken of her, at my cousin's wedding. She innocently asked, is this your sister? I replied yes. She asked, how many sisters do you have? I replied one. She said, now or before? I replied, I have always had and will always have one sister. Now that my sister is gone, is she no longer my sister? I realize the question was asked without malice, but it really made me sad. Because she is no lomger with me, do people assume I am an only child now? Does thae fact that she is no longer here mean she ceases to exsist in people's minds? I guess it doesn't really matter, she exsists in my heart.


My eating is going well. I am almost afraid that I am not eating enough. THat phrase has really gotten me thinking. Everything I put into my mouth, I question now. Don't get me wrong, that is a good thing. I just had to run to the store and buy some good food. And I will have to take healthy snacks to work. I couldn't make myself eat anything there yesterday.

So far today I have had oatmeal and a plum. Are the skins on a plum supposed to be so sour? That was hard to handle. I don't know what lunch will be, something light cause I am going out to dinner with my Mom tonight. My Dad has been ill, and we are getting her out of the house.

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