Tuesday, May 22, 2007

random thoughts

This is one of my geranium plants. Last year I couldn't get this plant to do anything. This year it got huge. I really like geraniums alot. A little water, a little sun, cut off the dead flowers and they will stay nice and green for you.

I have a lot of random thoughts today. Today is the sixth month anniversary of my sister's death. I can not believe that so much time has passed. I am on vacation till Friday, and my original plan was to stay in bed all day and mope around, feeling sorry for myself. When I woke up in the morning, something else happened. I wanted to get out and work on the side garden. I planted 2 day lillies, a purple flower I can't remember the name of, some geraniums, some verbena, and a hydrangea. I bought some solor lights to put in too. I have a feeling of accomplishment, things are growing, renewing, as it should be, I guess.

I really would like to change the way I think about food, dieting, exercise, my weight, my health, everything in general. I know one of the things holding me back is the way I look at things. I look at it as being deprived. I won't get my fair share, or something is being withheld from me. I need to change that attitude and realize that food is to energize my body, not to comfort me when I am sad, angry, lonely, whatever...

Tomorrow I think I am going to start on Denise's scrapbook. I want to get it going, but I'm afraid I will get emotional. Just one page at a time, right!!!

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