Thursday, April 12, 2007

changes today

Well, today has been good. I went and got highlights in my hair, and I think it looks good. I got light blonde. all over. I am happy with it and I hope it looks good. I decided to get the highlights because I always put things like that on my *when I lose weight* list, so I never do anything. This time I decided to do it first, and see if it motivates me to stick to plan.

My eating was good, except for the cheese enchiladas from Alberto's. We had already made plans to get these, so I went ahead and ate them. I figure it's gonna be a while before I do again. I don't want to say I will never eat them again, cause that is too depressing. I have to learn that I can eat anything I want, just not right now. I have to get a resistance and a habit going to not over-eat.

I also did a 10 min. workout of dancing. I am soooo un-coordinated!!!!!! I think I will stick to the walking, or break out the ti chi dvd my son got me.

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  1. Anonymous9:40 PM

    I'm sorry to read about your sister. hope things are going better. I was just flipping thru blogs and found yours. Good luck with every thing, and keep up with the good work :)


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