Tuesday, November 07, 2006

little red dress

This is my goal dress. This weekend, I will be buying this dress in a size 18. I will wear it next year, Novemember 4th, 2007, for my 24 wedding anniversary. There are two reasons for this, one is personal, and one is mental. If I have a gaol to look forward too, I will be more motivated to achieve it. How will I accomplish this? 1) Eating right. I have decided not to "diet" but to watch my food intake, portions, and mindless eating. I will replace food with non edible things and hobbies that I like to do. 2) I acknowledge the fact that I will have to exersice. I will have to get up a little earlier to accomplish this. I may even go to a gym, I'm not sure yet. 3) I will not let stress and emotions get the best of me. This dress is for me. I will not let external forces derail me from my objective.

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